ISIL (Aishiru) The

What country is the Islamic countries? Organizations working around the Syria Iraq. The effective control of the part of Iraq Syria. And self-proclaimed leader "Caliph (Muslim leader of the title)", listed the reconstruction of the empire of no Muslim borders]. Contents [Hide] Designation Overview . Ambitions, such as Feature . Symbolism . Media strategy . Severe of the [apostate] . Diversity of the members of origin . Negation of traditional interpretation . Hostile to the Islamic country in a general sense . Hostile to the Shia . The presence of [enclaves] . If swear allegiance immediately [combatants (fellow) Certification Funding source Young people to be solicitation The second time because it important Then-present Related illustrations Related Tags 0 reference link Designation Arabic: الدولة الإسلامية (transliteration ad-Dawlah al-'Islāmiyyah ) English: Islamic State Mainly operating in Iraq and Syria, extremists tradition flow of [Sarah fees jihadist] of Sunni Muslim organization.